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The Stroopwafel Story
stroopwafelTraditional Dutch legend tells a tale that Santa Claus himself was the original inventor of stroopwafels. While Jolly Old Saint Nick takes all the credit, the simple truth is that stroopwafels were invented in the Netherlands by chance when a simple baker poured sweet syrup between two waffle-like cookies. Voila…the stroopwafel was born. Not long after, dozens of bakers in the Netherlands were making them.
A quick look at our video will show you that AmsterDAM! Good Cookies has modernized production since the first stroopwafel was invented…but we still use the highest quality old-world ingredients and follow the time-honored tradition of pressing the dough between hot irons to give our cookies their crisp waffle-like texture. We think that this process is what makes our stroopwafels so AmsterDAM! Good!
Don’t even get us started talking about the sweet velvety filling that makes our stroopwafels so AmsterDAM! irresistible. Our secret recipe is the result of endless hours of research, experimentation and tasting. Honestly, we spent the most time on the tasting. Some people have called us heroes…because of our tireless dedication to our work. But we stayed tough and made it through the late night tasting sessions to give you…yes you…the cookie of your dreams. You’re welcome.
AmsterDAM! Good stroopwafels are like nothing you have ever tasted before. The crisp waffle cookie complements the creamy, buttery caramel flavor that we believe is borderline addictive. Some countries have even asked us to put a warning label on our packages to advise consumers of the addictive nature of our AmsterDAM! Good Cookies. Ok, that’s not true. Sorry for lying. But you get the point. These cookies are that good.
Stroopwafel connoisseurs agree that AmsterDAM! Good stroopwafels are the perfect complement to your coffee breaks, snack times, desserts and any time you need something sweet. Once you try our stroopwafels, you’ll discover that one is never enough.

So… whether you deserve it or not… why not give yourself an AmsterDAM! break?

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