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Our Cookies
How can a mere website come close to explaining the exquisite taste experience of an AmsterDAM! stroopwafel? Some sites might attempt to make poetry of the crispy crunchiness of each bite and try to capture in verse, the moment when your tongue savors the velvety sweet caramel and your mouth sings out in a Hallelujah chorus of cookie ecstasy. But that’s just not our style. Are we tempted to explain how our stroopwafels are crafted from the finest ingredients? Sure. Would we like to tell our customers about how we make our stroopwafels in the same time-honored traditions that make Dutch people everywhere weep for joy? Of course! But here at AmsterDAM! Good Cookies, we won’t stoop to promote our stroop.
Instead, we think it’s best to show you really beautiful, outrageously enticing photos of our cookies and then share comments from other customers just like you that have fallen in love with our stroopwafels time after AmsterDAM! time.

But before we do that…we think it’s important to share a few basic facts about our stroopwafels.

AmsterDAM! Good Cookies are the Dutch delight delicious Syrup Waffles and World's #1 Stroopwafel Brand.
[link to nutritional information]
AmsterDAM! Good Cookies are also available in many other varieties.
We bake and we ship FRESH…guaranteed!
Love Letters
  • This is the best stroopwafel I have ever tasted! Dankjewel!
    by Lauren Gordon Mescon, Rodan Fields
  • A cookie snack so good I could sing R&B songs to it!!
    by What The Doost, Blogger, NYC
  • Prompt and professional handling of the order, and most important DELICIOUS COOKIES!
    by Danny Husers, Kinderopvang en BSO Kwebbel
  • Everytime Amsterdam! Good Cookies is here to bake live for our customers, it is a party and success in our store.
    by Richard Langen, Owner of Plus supermarket Winterswijk
  • The concept of baking live for my customers is fantastic! I can recommend Amsterdam! Good Cookies to every supermarket.
    by Rik Assen, owner Plus Supermarket Dalen
  • Best cookies I have ever tasted in my life! This is one of the best Dutch products ever which you have to taste!
    by Patrick Goodness, CEO of The Goodness Company
  • Ik vind de blikken van Amsterdamn Good Cookies een super leuk relatiepresentje die altijd erg goed in de smaak vallen.
    by Ruben Haak, accountmanager Gemeente Emmen
  • We sell personalized/customized canisters in our store, that was designed by AGC. And it is a great success!
    by Bert Stuut, owner COOP Supermarket

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