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Love Letters

Our customers don't just like our cookies...they send us love letters about them. We just had to share a few with you!

Interview @ N-Channel TV

Student Killian Kammler about his experience with Amsterdam! Good Cookies

Killan Kammler

One of my favorites was the AmsterDAM Good Cookies — a cookie snack so good I could sing R&B songs to it

What the doost

Whatthedoost Opinion

What The Doost, Fashion, Food, Travel and Lifestyle Blogger, New York City (, The Netherlands

Our customized canisters from Amsterdam! Good Cookies are a big hit. Practically 100% of the magnesium based products that we produce in Veendam, the Netherlands, are exported to customers in Europe, the Middle-East, Latin- and North-America. Bringing a gift is appreciated by all customers but in the past we have struggled to find original giveaways. Until we found Amsterdam! Good Cookies. Their authentic Dutch stroopwafels, packed in a unique canister, are guarantees for smiles! Mathijs Preenen, Business Developer Kisuma Chemicals (, The Netherlands
Because we have our 15th anniversary of COOP Nieuweschans, Amsterdam! Good Cookies has produced some customized canisters for us, which we are selling in our supermarket. With that Amsterdam! Good Cookies was baking live in our store, which was a great success! Our Customers are still talking about it. So a big win-win situation for both parties. ‬ Bert Stuut, Owner COOP Supermarket Nieuweschans, The Netherlands
I like the looks of AmsterDam! Good Cookies it is a super fun relationship gift and will always hit the right spot . Ruben Haak, Accountmanager Gemeente Emmen, The Netherlands
Yes the cookies arrived. Thank you very much!!! The staff is really enjoying them. Everyone thinks they are delicious Orange Tree Import, Madison, WI, United States.
As an supermarket owner it is important that I attract my customers. Amsterdam! Good Cookies has an unique concept with baking live their Amsterdam! Good Cookies. So the customer can experience these warm frehly baked stroopwafels. It is a great succes for our store and Amsterdam! Good Cookies. ‬ Richard Langen, Co-Owner Plus Supermarket Winterswijk, The Netherlands
This is the best stroopwafel I have ever tasted! Dankjewel! ‪#‎roadtoaninternationalbrand‬ ‪#‎amsterdamgoodcookies‬ ‪#‎stroopwafel‬ ‪#‎happy‬ Lauren Mescon, Independent Consultant at Rodan + Fields Dermatologists
See the video of Diana Reese her review Source: Diana Reese, Food Blogger from Europe living in New York City, US
This item was my favorite out of the entire box. I’m always on the look-out for the perfect cookie, and I’d have to say this waffle cone one had made it quite far up there. It has a slight bite to it, the inside syrup is smooth and the taste is almost like caramel. A+ Source: Moody Madeline, Food Blogger, US
This one was a hit with my coworkers. These are made and shipped directly from the Netherlands, They're basically two soft waffle cone-like cookies with a nougat/caramel between them. Not only are they delicious on their own, but you can also lay these cookies on top of your coffee mug or tea cup to warm them up and make them even more delicious! Source: Rachel, owner and blogger of Harlot Beauty, US
AmsterDam! Good Cookies Stroopwafels: My husband was excited to get these but when he went to try it, it was already opened. The seal came open, which could easily have happened with the change in temperature during shipping. My husband loves these, so I think it was a great addition to the box. Source: Erin, Sunscription Box Mom
Amsterdam! Good Cookies – My son also has a thing for stroopwafels, and this was his Valentine’s treat (we don’t buy candy). I obviously made the mistake of opening this box with the kids around. Source: Brandy, Founder of Hello, Subscription
AmsterDam! Good Cookies – These are from the Netherlands and I already know they are going to be good. I am imagining a waffle cone type flavour but better. I’m going to want to eat these with my afternoon tea also. I’m going to be drinking a lot of tea. Source: Sarah, Blogger, living in Kelowna BC, Canada
Amsterdam! Good Stroopwafels- These are imported from the Netherlands are are quite famous over there. I'm guessing this is like our version of Pepperidge Farm cookies. Haha! I like Milanos, the Orange ones, the best. This is a slightly crunchy but mostly chewy cookie sandwich (but so thin it's not like a cookie sandwich because you can't see the layers) with honey in the middle. It's... interesting. It's the sort of thing that grows on you. Source: Sarah, Blogger/Owner Bits & Boxes, Seattle, US
"Never had such a good and delicious cookie as AMSTERDAM! GOOD COOKIES. Our compliments go out to the good handling of the company. I can recommend everyone these cookies. Thank you!" Bas Hooiveld, Lawyer @ Verkruisen Lawyers
"Prompt and professional handling of the order, and of course a nice personal touch on the label and most important DELICIOUS COOKIES!." Danny Husers, Kinderopvang en BSO Kwebbel
The Amsterdam Good Cookies are delicious, a little crunchy on the outside and delicious soft on the inside. Really fantastic! And then that beautiful canister with the very fresh and fun look that you can refill each time with those delicious waffles! What a fantastic product!! Jennette Mooibroek
"My husband and my daughters are crazy about waffles which of course we can not buy here in France. The can is authentic and will therefore be at the coffee table stand permanent for Amsterdam Good Cookies and other goodies." Margreet Fortuné
"If you've ever tried a stroopwafel, you will understand my obsession with these little bits of heaven. I could eat them every day with my coffee, as a dessert, and even right before I go to bed. Sad to say, I have to use some self-control when it comes to these cookies. They inspire love!" Jane Riesfeld
"These sweet treats are something I don't share with my children. Don't get me wrong – I love my kids, but I will never share these delicious cookies. They are sinfully delicious. Some things are better left for adults." Cassie Harding  
Love Letters
  • This is the best stroopwafel I have ever tasted! Dankjewel!
    by Lauren Gordon Mescon, Rodan Fields
  • A cookie snack so good I could sing R&B songs to it!!
    by What The Doost, Blogger, NYC
  • Prompt and professional handling of the order, and most important DELICIOUS COOKIES!
    by Danny Husers, Kinderopvang en BSO Kwebbel
  • Everytime Amsterdam! Good Cookies is here to bake live for our customers, it is a party and success in our store.
    by Richard Langen, Owner of Plus supermarket Winterswijk
  • The concept of baking live for my customers is fantastic! I can recommend Amsterdam! Good Cookies to every supermarket.
    by Rik Assen, owner Plus Supermarket Dalen
  • Best cookies I have ever tasted in my life! This is one of the best Dutch products ever which you have to taste!
    by Patrick Goodness, CEO of The Goodness Company
  • Ik vind de blikken van Amsterdamn Good Cookies een super leuk relatiepresentje die altijd erg goed in de smaak vallen.
    by Ruben Haak, accountmanager Gemeente Emmen
  • We sell personalized/customized canisters in our store, that was designed by AGC. And it is a great success!
    by Bert Stuut, owner COOP Supermarket

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