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Custom Gifts…that People will Remember

How many times have you given a gift to a family member, friend or a client, only to receive a “luke warm” thank you in return? Why not give a gift that everyone will love, and will remember long after you’ve given it? In fact, our customers tell us that they often receive calls from people asking where they can buy more AmsterDAM! Good Cookies. Let’s be honest. No employee wants a cheesy trinket or a t-shirt with the company logo. Give them a basket filled with packages of AmsterDAM! Good Cookies and watch the smiles. A recent survey of employees discovered that employers that gave gifts of AmsterDAM! Good Cookies increased worker productivity and increased unpaid overtime by 48%. (This is not true…but we still think that most employees would prefer cookies over mouse pads. Just sayin’.)
  • Do you want to sweeten the deal with a client? A can of irresistibly yummy cookies bearing their company logo should do the trick!
  • Is there a certain executive you want to impress? How about a coffee mug with their name or logo, and an impressive box of AmsterDAM! Good Cookies?
  • Take a look at our catalog of customized gift ideas and select the most appropriate one for the occasion.
Don’t see what you’re looking for? Tell us your idea and we’ll do our best to fulfill your special request.
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