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stroopwafel story08A long time ago, in a land far, far away – also know as the Netherlands – there lived a family named Gouda. This lovely Gouda family settled in the area, built a castle and very cleverly named the town after themselves.

Wasn’t it fortunate that they also had a cheese named for them as well. We’ve always thought that Gouda was so “good-ah!”

But, that’s only part of our story, boys and girls…
Gouda is also famous for…wait for it…Stroopwafels!

There also lived in the little town of Gouda, a baker whose talents ran the gamut. His specialty was the perfect bread. Just pulled from the oven with a hard crust and soft center – the town loved the baker and he loved baking bread.

As the baker cleaned his kitchen one night, he swept up all of the breadcrumbs and thought, “Oh what a waste of perfectly good food…” But, instead of throwing out the crumbs, he found a small tin with a tiny square pattern in it that he was able to sweep the crumbs into. When he pressed them down, the baker saw that they took on the pattern of the pan. He added some flavor and pressed everything together. The thin piece of bread resembled a cookie and was then dubbed a “waffle.”

He decided to create a cookie sandwich by adding honey in the center – and voila! we have the stroopwafel!

The stroopwafel became a favorite treat of kids, spreading its fame around the town and later outside throughout Netherlands.

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